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Call Your Senators Today: Stop the Corporate Cabinet


Stop Andy Puzder

Andy Puzder

The Department of Labor was created to help workers, but if Fast Food CEO Andy Puzder is put in charge it’s going to be all about keeping the bosses happy.

Puzder hired a union-busting company to intimidate workers who were organizing for better pay and working conditions at Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. His company has stolen wages from hundreds of workers and he has attacked rules requiring that working people receive paid sick and family leave to take care of their families.

Call your Senator now to make your voice heard and stand up for workers – and against Andy Puzder. Call 888-907-9365 to connect to your Senator, or click here for more info.

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Stop the Corporate Cabinet: Call Your Senators

CWA is launching a major campaign to fight back against a corporate cabinet that puts the worst of corporate raiders in charge of our government. CWA members are calling their Senators, telling them to oppose these crony capitalists.

The fight began this week with Trump’s pick of Tom Price as Secretary of Health and Human Services. As a member of Congress, he’s received hundreds of thousands of dollars from drug and insurance companies. He has a radical plan to destroy Medicare and force seniors to rely on private insurance. Locals are spreading the word throughout CWA worksites, and activists are joining the fight.

Call your Senators now at 888-701-5344. Tell them to block the corporate takeover of our government and the attack on Medicare by opposing the nomination of Tom Price for Secretary of Health and Human Services.

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IMG_15001CWA, the AFL-CIO, NJEA and our public worker union allies have taken the next step in our fight to save our pension and the retirement security of hundreds of thousands of New Jersey residents. A ballot question during this coming November’s elections would amend the New Jersey Constitution to ensure that our pensions are fully funded. Now we need you to take the next step by joining this fight.

Just this week, more than 500 CWA Shop Stewards from across New Jersey gathered in East Brunswick to discuss how we win this campaign. What we know is that it will take a lot of hard work, one-on-one conversations, door-knocking, phone banking and a plan to fund these efforts. To win, we will need to take our message to New Jersey voters – even as powerful special interests try to convince voters otherwise. Continue reading