Earlier this year, CWA engaged in a process that will save the state more than $1 billion a year in health care costs without lowering the quality of care or simply forcing workers to pay more. We bargained these savings with the Governor where we could, and we worked with him to identify savings in other areas where we are not able to bargain them.

Following that, Governor Murphy made a very reasonable budget proposal: The $1 billion in savings would be met with $500 million in new revenue, and New Jersey’s unlimited corporate welfare programs would be reformed. It was a proposal that valued fairness and fiscal responsibility, and one that would put New Jersey on a path to fiscal health.

Our members responded with enthusiastic support. CWA members made over 12,000 calls to members of the New Jersey legislature to support the Governor’s budget, including a millionaire’s tax. Members met with legislators all over the state to talk about how a decade of tax cuts for the wealthy have impacted their families and the services they provide. And thousands showed up at the State House demanding a millionaire’s tax.

We are disappointed that the legislature would not support this plan. They were more than willing to accept the health care savings we achieved, but they were not willing to ask the super wealthy, who have been showered with tax cuts for a decade, to pay a tiny bit more. And following months of news of corruption and self-dealing in New Jersey’s corporate incentive programs, they shockingly voted to just extend those programs.

We welcome and support Governor Murphy’s decision to not shut state government down. And while we are disappointed the legislature is not joining the Governor, we enthusiastically look forward to joining him in his commitment to restoring balance and fairness to the New Jersey budget.

Finally, we could not be more proud of our members. Despite a decade of cuts in staffing levels that have left departments depleted, despite unending and vile attacks from the Senate President, our members continue to provide exceptional services for the people of New Jersey. They work around the clock and in all conditions in every corner of our state. We look forward to standing shoulder to shoulder with them to continue to make New Jersey a great place to live.

2019 State Shut Down Picket Locations

In the event of a State Shut Down, we will be picketing legislators’ offices on Monday, July 1 through Wednesday, July 3. Select what picket location and on what day(s) you will be attending. We will be picketing from 10 am to 12 pm.

During the next week we need to continue to put pressure on our legislators to work with the Governor to pass a real budget with new, sustainable revenue. Make sure every member calls their legislators EVERY day until June 30 (download flyer here).

Also, sign up for Text Alerts – Text NJBUDGET to 69866 – to get updates about what is happening with the State Budget and possible Shut Down.

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Budget Season is here and our fight to stop a State Shutdown and Pass a Fair Budget continues!

On Thursday, June 13, join your Union Sisters and Brothers for a mass rally in front of the State House in Trenton at Noon to demand a fair State Budget that includes a millionaires tax, cuts corporate welfare, protects our health benefits and funds the pension and critical state services.

Local 1037 will have buses available from multiple locations . Click here to reserve your seat on a bus and to let us know you’ll be there.

If the legislature does not pass a budget by June 30th, the State is at risk of a shutdown for the third year in a row. But we have the power to make sure the state passes a fair budget that funds critical services, protects our benefits and retirement security, and makes millionaires pay their fair share!