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CWA 1037 Workers at Bergen’s Promise Vote to Ratify New Contract

CWA Local 1037 workers at Bergen’s Promise participated in a ratification vote for a new contract and overwhelmingly voted YES. The new contract begins retroactively from January 1, 2023 to December 31, 2025. The Bargaining Committee negotiated salary increases, higher on-call rates and longevity stipends, a pilot telework program, and more. (View MOA here.)

“I think it’s a great contract. It’s going to help retention and continuity of services for the families we serve. I got a lot of good feedback from workers,” said Cole Campbelle, a Shop Steward and Care Manager at Bergen’s Promise. “I agree, this is going to help keep and recruit workers,” added Meghan Monroe, also a Shop Steward and Care Manager. “lt’s definitely one of the better contracts that recognizes and respects the difficult and important work that we do.”

Workers participated in a ratification vote earlier today, submitted their ballots, and posed for photos together in solidarity.