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In-Home Providers Picket & Deliver Letter to 4C’s

On May 16, CWA 1037 members who provide in-home family childcare in Passaic County, with support from our community organizing partner NJ Communities United, delivered a letter to 4Cs, a Childcare Resource and Referral Agency (CCR&R) responsible for administering the Family Childcare Registration Program.

Providers picketed at 4Cs, and then delivered a petition signed by nearly 100 family childcare providers demanding that management address issues that impact their ability to provide consistent and stable services to communities across Passaic County.

For months, providers have sought to resolve issues such as unfair treatment, and called for respect and equity for workers so they can focus entirely on caring for and educating our children. However, management at 4Cs has so far ignored providers’ demands. Workers are determined to continue mobilizing until their concerns are addressed.