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La Casa De Don Pedro Workers Picket for Full Staffing

On March 27, CWA 1037 members at La Casa De Don Pedro, with support from our organizing partner, NJ Communities United, picketed in Newark for fair workloads and full staffing. Teachers have been unable to take their scheduled breaks due to lack of staffing, and management has yet to ameliorate the issue.

After the picket, Stewards addressed the Newark Board of Education to demand more funding for La Casa. “We are here today regarding a budget issue: the need for additional funding for La Casa to hire two additional floaters teachers aids for our classrooms,” said Shop Steward and Teacher Virginia Atahualpa. “We came here directly from a picket line at La Casa to draw attention to this problem and to hold La Casa and Newark Public Schools accountable for the responsibility to properly staff the classroom both for the safety of the children and the dignity of teachers like me.”

Despite the important services that the workers at childcare centers provide, early childhood resources continue to be at risk in local, county and state budgets.

The mission of our partnership with NJ Communities United is to uplift the childcare industry in New Jersey for workers and families. Together, we have built The Workers in Early Childhood Action Network (WECAN) to fight for funding to increase wages, improve the classroom experience for our children, and ensure the safety of our children & the dignity of workers.