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Leaguers Workers Mobilize to Demand a Raise

CWA 1037 members, in partnership with NJ Communities United, participated in an action by emailing letters to The Leaguers management demanding a raise for all workers as bargaining continues. Workers are demanding a fair wage increase that recognize their years of service to their communities, and the value they bring.

“We’re asking for raises for everyone, and better pay for workers who have been here for 20 years. Their service and dedication should be compensated,” said Davon Kennedy, a CWA 1037 Shop Steward and Prenatal Health Educator at The Leaguers’ Bakery Village location in East Orange.

“I’m barely making it with the pay here,” said Ashley Pierce, a CWA 1037 mobilizer and Family Advocate at The Leaguers’ 750 Clinton Avenue location in Newark. “We’re overworked and underpaid, and the turnover rate here is so high. I’ve been here almost three years, and I’ve seen so many teachers come and go.”

Workers have already sent over 75 letters to management and are continuing to mobilize to demand fair raises for all.

The Workers in Early Childhood Action Network (WECAN) is a partnership between CWA Local 1037 and our community organizing partner NJ Communities United to organize childcare workers and advocate for expanded access to high-quality, affordable childcare across the state.