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In-Home Childcare Providers Attempt to Deliver Letter to 4CS

On February 23, CWA 1037 members who provide in-home family childcare services in Passaic County delivered a letter to 4Cs, a Child Care Resource and Referral Agency (CCR&R) responsible for administering the Family Child Care Registration Program. For months, Family Child Care Provider union leaders have attempted to meet with 4Cs to address concerns raised by the union membership. 4Cs has refused to meet with CWA Local 1037, despite the requirement in the union contract.

Due to its refusal to meet, a delegation of Family Child Care Providers attempted to deliver a letter directly to 4Cs. In response, 4Cs locked their door and refused to accept the letter. The letter demanded a meeting, raised concerns about unfair treatment, and called for respect and equity for all 300 Family Child Care Providers in Passaic County.

Workers left the letter at 4CS’ mailbox, but they have yet to agree to meet with providers or respond to the issues.

“They’re doing this to people they think they can take advantage of,” says Marilyn Kirby, a CWA 1037 Shop Steward and In-Home Provider who has been working in Passaic County for 20 years. “Our jobs are strenuous enough already.” The Workers in Early Childhood Action Network (WECAN) is a partnership between CWA Local 1037 and our community organizing partner NJ Communities United to organize childcare workers and advocate for expanded access to high-quality, affordable childcare across the state.