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CWA 1037 Members at The Leaguers, Inc. Rally for Healthcare

On October 25, CWA Local 1037 members at The Leaguers, Inc. rallied against increases in healthcare costs management is attempting to cast onto workers. The CWA Local 1037 bargaining team is currently engaged in negotiations with The Leaguers to bargain over any increases and the effects they will have on members. Workers mobilized to call on management to stop the increases, gathering in front of their worksite at 405 University Ave in Newark with picket signs demanding “affordable healthcare now” and chanting “healthcare is a human right”.

“They’re going to increase our healthcare by a lot,” said Joyce Wicks-Dobson, an Associate Teacher at The Leaguers. “That’s a lot coming out of my paycheck that I need.”

(Pictured above: CWA 1037 members rally at The Leaguers, Inc.)

“An increase will cause tremendous burden onto my family,” said Marylyn Rodriguez, a Family Advocate at The Leaguers. She added, ” Without us there would be no Leaguers.” Workers will continue to fight against the increase of healthcare costs.