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CWA Local 1037 Final Certification of Results

Click here to see Certificate of Results from the Local Election Committee.

The undersigned members of the Local Election Committee certify the results of the following.

As per Article XIV, G of the CWA Local 1037 Bylaws “If there is only one candidate nominated for a given office no election shall be held, and that candidate shall be certified to office by the Election Committee and shall be installed to his/her office at the next Membership Meeting”.

Office or Title Name of Nominated Candidate
President Ken McNamara
Executive Vice President Emma Claros
Treasurer Lea Chilelli
Secretary Mauro Camporeale
Vice President Higher Level Supervisory Unit Mary Semler
Vice President Primary Level Unit Daveen Mann
Vice President Professional Unit Anthony Mitchell
Vice President Administrative/Clerical Unit Erica Daniels
Vice President Private Non-Profit Unit Adeline Clesca
VP Passaic County Board of Social Services Wanda Sawyer
Vice President Childcare Workers Unit Shanita Hargrove