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The Leaguers Vote Yes to Ratify New Union Contract

CWA 1037 members at The Leaguers unanimously voted yes to ratify a new union contract. The new contract includes wage increases, improved language on use of progressive discipline, stronger language on job titles and responsibilities, and increased rights for union visitation at worksites.

Members met at King’s Family Restaurant in Newark to cast their vote on the tentative agreement. “We had been without a contract for over two years. This contract is a step in the right direction, towards progress,” said Nicole Iles-Lancaster, a CWA 1037 Shop Steward and Teacher at The Leaguers. “We got some wins for non-teaching staff, too, that was a long time coming. And we made sure that there was strict language around employee titles because many of the workers were doing out-of-title work without compensation. This contract clarifies their job duties and compensates accordingly.”

“This contract is great, and I love the work that we’re doing – organizing – we just got to keep it up,” said Cassandra Gilchrist, a CWA 1037 Shop Steward and Associate Teacher at The Leaguers. “We are already looking at recruiting more stewards at worksites where we don’t have any. Whenever we have to bargain again, for the wage opener in 2024 for example, we will be ready.”