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PCBSS Workers March to the Passaic County Commissioner Meeting

On August 8, CWA 1037 members at the Passaic County Board of Social Services (PCBSS) picketed and marched to the Passaic County Commissioners Meeting to demand a fair contract. The contract for PCBSS expired 19 months ago – the longest period workers have gone without a contract since 1996.

“I know we don’t bargain directly with the county commissioners, but two commissioners sit on the board of social services,” Wanda Sawyer, CWA 1037 Vice President at PCBSS said at the meeting.  “On behalf of our over 300 members at the board, we call on you to stand with us and send a message to the Board of Social Services administration that Passaic County is pro-Union, collective bargaining must be respected and the time for a fair contract is now!”

Deemed essential during the pandemic, PCBSS workers continued to provide services to the residents of Passaic County throughout COVID-19, faced inflation, and yet management repays workers’ dedication and commitment by denying a fair contract.

“I’m here because I feel like we have been taken advantage of, and we’re not being taken seriously. I’m here to demand respect,” said Andrea Mack, CWA 1037 Shop Steward at PCBSS. Workers and their families chanted before the meeting at 80 Hamilton Street to rally in solidarity. “I’m here to fight for my rights, for raises, to keep our same benefits,” said Janiris Melendez,  CWA 1037 member. “It’s been a long 19 months.”

PCBSS workers stand united in solidarity as we continue to fight for a fair contract.