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CWA 1037 State Workers Mobilize for a Strong Contract

CWA 1037 State Worker Members have been mobilizing persistently for a new contract. In April, over 300 worksite leaders marched to the State House to deliver a bargaining petition to Governor Murphy’s office which we stated our demands for a fair contract.

Previously, workers took photographs holding banners bearing the names of over 10,000 union members who signed the bargaining petition, which was the result of a bargaining survey in which members delineated our priorities.

“In our new contract, we want to see higher salaries, just fairness,” said Aileen Quiñones, Shop Steward and Technician at MVC.  “We are organizing to be treated fairly and be paid what we deserve.”

The CWA Bargaining Committee has held numerous bargaining sessions with the State since February. Our current contract expires June 30, and our team is pressing to reach an agreement that meets our demands as soon as possible. If no agreement is reached by June 30, the terms of the current contract stay in place until a new agreement is reached. The Bargaining Team is committed to stay at the bargaining table until satisfactory terms are presented by the State, and a tentative agreement can be put before the members for a vote. CWA presented a full set of proposals – economic and non-economic – designed to meet the moment we are in – post-Covid, short-staffed, and ready to build a strong contract for the next several years.

CWA 1037 Members stand united behind the CWA Bargaining Committee as we continue to fight for a strong contract CWA State Workers deserve.