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New CWA 1037 Shop Stewards Completed Training

Last week, CWA 1037’s newest Shop Stewards completed their first in-person training. Stewards gathered in Somerset for a two-day training on Weingarten rights, appeals, grievances, conducting effective worksite meetings, problem-solving, and health & safety. 

Stewards learned more about the important role they play in a Union local. Democratically elected by their coworkers, Stewards act as a point of contact between CWA’s elected officers, the Employer, and their fellow workers. They keep members informed and address any concerns or questions they may have at their worksite, while organizing members to be active in their union.

“I became a Shop Steward because I’m passionate about workers’ rights,” said Juanita Pridgen, a Supervisor Contract Administrator at Department of Children and Families. “I want to ensure that we get what’s fair to us, and that we have the tools to do our jobs.”

During the training, Stewards role-played, and collaborated together to solve hypothetical issues at their workplace. They learned lessons in workers’ rights on the job, workplace organizing, and grievance and disciplinary appeals. At training’s end, all participants took the Shop Steward pledge, and received a certification to mark their completion of training to protect workers’ rights at their workplace.