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CWA 1037 Workers at PCBSS Remind Each Other of the Power of Solidarity

PCBSS Workers at 80 Hamilton in Paterson pose for a photo together on bargaining day

CWA 1037 workers at the Passaic County Board of Social Services (PCBSS) in Paterson showed unity by wearing CWA red on a Thursday to support our Bargaining Team. “Just to come in wearing red together skyrocketed the morale. You felt a part of something,” Marshena Edwards, a Human Services Specialist at PCBSS explained. After coming out of a pandemic, and meeting with a new PCBSS administration, the Bargaining Team is working to secure a fair contract for 350+ PCBSS workers. The negotiations include securing language in the contract, better working conditions, and other economic and non-economic demands.

PCBSS workers have been deeply engaged in the fight for a fair contract and know that solidarity is our power.

“We showed support to our bargaining unit, and let everyone know that united we stand, divided we fall! Even people who don’t normally participate, showed tremendous support. People were full of humility and joy that day because we felt the strength. It encouraged us as well. Everybody came in so happy.”