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Nominate Carey Brown for PERS Board of Trustees

Between now and January 5th, 2018, nominations are open for the State employee representative on the Public Employee Retirement System (PERS) Board of Trustees. Right now, because State Workers have been united in our support of Labor-endorsed candidates, we hold a majority on the Board. We have an opportunity to nominate our Union Brother, Carey Brown for re-election to the PERS Board of Trustees.

Click here to nominate Carey Brown to PERS Board of Trustees.

While on the PERS Board Carey voted for an independent audit  of the consultants who decide where pensions funds are being invested. Also, Carey voted to push the State Investment Council to successfully decrease the amount of the pension funds that are invested in high risk Hedge Funds and investments – lowering fees and keeping more of your money in the pension system. If we don’t support our Labor-endorsed candidates, we can lose our majority on the board putting our pensions and our futures at risk.


We MUST unite and protect the voice of State Workers on the NJ PERS Board!  The Public Employee Committee of the NJ State AFL-CIO unanimously voted to endorse CWA 1037 Shop Steward Carey Brown for re-election as the State Representative on the PERS Board of Trustees. We’re asking you to stand with us and nominate Carey Brown today.


All State employees are eligible to vote on PERS Board nominations by visiting Please log in and sign on to nominate CAREY BROWN by 5:00 PM on JANUARY 5TH!


Carey Brown is a career public worker who has been a member of the PERS system for 18 years. Currently an Investigator in the Department of Treasury, he holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration. A union member in every job he has held, Carey has been a Shop Steward for CWA Local 1037 for the last 10 years.

“After serving one term on the PERS Board, it is clear that State Workers need someone from the rank and file who understands our issues. Many of us plan to rely on our pension when we retire – and we deserve a strong and outspoken advocate at the table. I will continue to be that person.”