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The State is issuing directives through all state agencies this afternoon that Governor Christie refuses to pay state workers for the days we were locked out during the state budget shutdown. You will likely receive a message from your Payroll, HR, or Managers to this effect. Every State department is sending slightly different messages so there is a lot of confusion with how the State is rolling this out.

You should receive eCATS codes by HR to enter into your timesheets systems for this week.

The State does agree to pay workers for July 4, but not for July 3 or prior.

If you were designated “essential” and reported to work during the shutdown, you will be paid for any time you actually worked.

If you requested leave time for any days during the shutdown, it is our understanding that leave time will be canceled and you will be put in no-pay status.

CWA opposes this decision and we will enforce our right to be paid during the state lockout when we were ready, willing and able to work, but were forced out.

Our legal team is already working on our legal response to this action by the Governor.

However, legal action will take some time and we are advising some immediate actions by members:

1. Submit your timesheets on time. Enter the code management provides.

2. In the “comments/notes” section of your timesheets, we advise you to enter “INVOLUNTARY LOCKOUT” for any days you were scheduled to work during the shutdown. For most members, this will be Monday, July 3rd. For other members, like in State Parks, Motor Vehicles Commission, state institutions, and elsewhere, this might mean Saturday 7/1, Sunday 7/2, and Monday 7/3.

3. You can file for Unemployment benefits online or by phone. It is not clear whether UI applications for shutdown days will be approved, but we advise all members to apply as a protective measure.

The deadline for applying for UI benefits online is Saturday, July 8 or by telephone Friday, July 7 at 4:30pm. However, CWA is requesting an extension of this deadline based on the large number of potential applications and the short notice during a holiday week for people to apply.

4. We are planning worksite mobilization around this issue. Information will be coming from your Locals so we can coordinate activities around the state.


Contact your Local to sign up for action alerts and membership meetings

To download a PDF of this statement click here:

Communications Workers of America,
District 1 New Jersey