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aDSC_015a7---CopyFor twenty years, politicians from both parties failed to make pension payments for public workers in New Jersey. Our pension plan could run out of money as early as 2022!

CWA members and our public union allies have been knocking on doors every Saturday (through May 21st) to talk with other union members about the Pension Amendment on the ballot this November. Join us by signing up at

CWA has been fighting for years to make sure the pension is funded. We’ve organized, rallied, lobbied and advocated in the courts to make this happen. In 2011, a law was finally passed that required funding. But the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled that law was unconstitutional. If the Supreme Court says the Constitution doesn’t allow our pensions to be funded, we’re going to CHANGE THE CONSTITUTION.

WE ARE FIGHTING BACK! JOIN US AND SIGN UP TO PASS THE PENSION AMENDMENT! Visit to sign up for Saturday morning Labor-to-Labor walks!

This November, we are asking voters to amend the Constitution to hold politicians accountable and protect our pensions. And it starts with YOU!