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In vetoing Leah’s Law, Governor Christie has put thousands of DCF workers at risk of injury or even death. Leah Coleman was stabbed over 20 times by a deranged client, she lost over 50 pints of blood, she nearly lost her life and there was not a single member of law enforcement present in an office with hundreds of workers engaged in some of the most dangerous work in the State. In the year since her attack, there have been more than a dozen threats of bombings and shootings of DCF workers and workers have been both threatened, held hostage and physically attacked in the field.

The Governor has shown a shocking disregard for the safety of these New Jersey heroes, who every day, risk their lives rescuing abused and neglected children and saving families from violence. This Legislation had overwhelming bipartisan support. We are figuring out the next steps within the next several days, but CWA will never stand down when it comes to the safety of our members.

One other point that should be known: after Leah’s law was passed by both houses, CWA requested a meeting with Governor Christie to try to discuss with him why he should support this desperately needed and responsible legislation. He never responded, just as he has not once responded to any request from CWA to meet in the last 6 years. It is astonishing that the Governor has time to meet with tens of thousands of people in diners in New Hampshire but can’t spare a few minutes to make a call or send a card to one of his own employees injured in the line of duty, or to take a meeting to discuss their safety.