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Update on the Pension Fight

DSC_0147On February 23rd, Judge Jacobson sided with public employees on the issue of fully funding the public employee’s pension. To no one’s surprise, the Christie Administration may not comply with the court order without a fight. Hetty Rosenstein, the director of CWA NJ, penned an op-ed outlining why the Governor must hold up his end of pension pact.

Hetty writes that, “one of the very first lessons you learn in life is that you’re supposed to obey the law. Sadly, even though he himself was an officer of the court as a lawyer, served as U.S. attorney and now sits as New Jersey’s governor, Chris Christie apparently still has not learned that lesson.”

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At the end of the day, CWA will fight to protect the hard-earned retirement benefits public workers deserve. As we begin contract negotiations with the State and continue the fight to protect our pension, we will need CWA members to stand together in the courts, in the streets, and in the halls of government. Our strength is in our collective power!