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Update on Security Measures at DCPP Offices

For CWA Members at DCPP,

Management has apparently gotten our message.

No Safety No WorkToday, two weeks after the attack on our sister Leah – and with the threat of an imminent statewide walk-out – management has finally begun to take action to secure our offices. For this reason we are postponing any job action.

Representative from all three CWA Locals and our National Union have been communicating with management and monitoring progress toward securing each and every worksite. Based on the expedited plan presented to us, we have agreed to hold off on further action at this time.

However, if management does not keep its word or fulfill its promises, they will once again face a job action.

As you may have seen in your office, the State has taken substantial steps in just the last few hours and armed guards have been arriving at many worksites. We have received commitments that the same level of response will continue in the coming days. As we have more information about the timeline for each office, we will make that available.

As we all know, our safety is an issue not only in the office but in the community. It is clear that although our short term goals are being met, we will have to continue to struggle to ensure our safety becomes a management priority. We remain committed to our demands of a return of the Human Services police and metal detectors in every worksite. We also remain committed to broader safety concerns we have raised for some time – including resistance to requests for a Buddy and requiring the use of personal vehicles for certain case work.

We thank every member – and especially every Shop Steward – for the commitment to fight  back and to be united. It is the only reason we are seeing the expedited response to the demand for armed guards. It will also be the reason if we are ultimately successful in making our jobs as safe as possible.

On this day when we celebrate our sister Leah has being released from the hospital, let’s hope this is a turning point not only for Leah and her family, but also in the State’s approach to worker safety. As we have said all along, this fight is about making sure there are no more Leahs. And this win is for her!

In Solidarity,

Ken McNamara, President, CWA 1037
Shawn Ludwig, President, CWA 1038
Lionel Leach, President, CWA 1039