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What Are You Doing To Support Pro-Worker Candidates This Election Day?

umstotWe are proud to support one of our very own, Jessica Umstot, who is running for Hasbrouck Heights Council. Jessica is a Shop Steward for Local 1037 and a co-chair of our Human Rights & Equity committee. As a proud Union member, we know Jessica will always fight for the rights of working people. Please join your CWA brothers and sisters to knock on doors to support Jessica for Hasbrouck Heights Council – sign up now!

Local 1037 is also supporting Robert Parisi for his bid for re-election as the Mayor of West Orange. His opponent, Eldridge Hawkins, has been one of Chris Christie’s biggest cheerleaders in his attack on working people. Hawkins has publicly supported Christie’s attacks on Civil Service and the elimination of our right to bargain over health care. . Supporting Mayor Parisi will send a loud and clear message to the political bosses who back Christie’s attack on working families. If you’d like to help elect Robert Parisi as the next Mayor of West Orange, sign up here!

We’re excited about this year’s elections – and we hope you are too! We look forward to seeing you on the doors!