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The CWA Movement That Saved a Member’s Home

pauletteWhen it comes to the foreclosure crisis and holding big banks accountable it’s the Wild West. Banks have negotiated back room settlements to avoid disclosing their activities in court – and homeowners have continued to lose their homes at alarming rates in New Jersey. Labor unions, like CWA Local 1037, have a powerful role to play to fight the crisis and force the big banks to play by the rule of law. Unfortunately the system is set up to reward banks while punishing homeowners – but CWA 1037 is engaged in this battle and won’t back down. Check out this important op ed from CWA Local 1037 president Ken McNamara about the fight we waged to save Paulette McQueen’s home from foreclosure.

President McNamara closes his op-ed by stating, “From the streets of Irvington to the national offices of the Communications Workers of America, a movement was built to support Paulette’s fight to save her family’s home from foreclosure. But Paulette and other homeowners like her should not have to wage this type of campaign to achieve justice, or in this case simple fairness and the rule of law. They should be able to rely on the legal system and regulatory agencies to protect their interests. Unfortunately the New Jersey attorney general’s office doesn’t consider families like Paulette’s worthy of their attention.”

If you’re fighting to save your home from foreclosure, you can count on our close partners at NJ Communities United! Contact Mary Szacik at if you need help.