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CWA Local 1037 Shop Steward Running for Office

allison friedmanMy name is Allison Friedman and I am a CWA 1037 shop steward running assembly for the 13th District, which is most of the Bayshore area in Monmouth County. I have chosen to run in an effort to ensure the voice of the working families is heard. The current Assemblywoman is Amy Handlin, the sponsor of the right to work legislation.

We need for the middle class to show up at the polls and I need your help to get the word out!  I have knocked on a number of doors and I need help motivating other working families not to give up and take their lives and future back by voting November 5th. Starting October 19th, the following Saturdays and Election Day, I need volunteers to walk with me. Please sign up  AND please be sure to follow me on Facebook

Together we can put a new voice into office – and what could be better than to make it a CWA Local 1037 voice!