2017 Elections

With Election Day right around the corner, it is critically important for CWA Local 1037 members to come out and volunteer in support of CWA’s union-endorsed candidate for New Jersey governor, Phil Murphy. We will be doing labor walks every Saturday in the weeks leading up to the General Election on Tuesday, November 7.

Click here to volunteer and find a labor walk location near you.

After eight disastrous years of Governor Chris Christie and an enormous amount of damage to the state, CWA members are supporting Phil Murphy because he will protect working families and defend strong public services.

Click here to volunteer and find a labor walk location near you.

Phil Murphy has pledged to:

  • Fully fund public worker pensions and protect health benefits. To help pay for it, he’s committed to enacting a millionaire’s tax and closing corporate tax loopholes during the first 100 days of his administration. And, instead of just shifting costs onto workers like Governor Christie has done, Murphy will work with our union to make quality health care more affordable.
  • Stand up to Wall Street. Not only has Murphy committed to work with our Union to keep hedge fund managers from profiting from our pensions, he will push legislation to ensure hedge fund managers pay the same income taxes workers do, and he will create a public bank that will take money out of Wall Street and put it to work for the people of New Jersey.
  • Take on the corporations receiving generous tax breaks that are shipping CWA call center jobs overseas.
  • Fight for all workers by passing a $15 hour minimum wage, equal pay for equal work, paid sick leave, and a child care tax credit for working parents.

These are challenging times. We need a Governor who will rebuild after the damage caused by Chris Christie. We need a strong Governor who will stand up to Donald Trump’s divisive agenda by enacting pro-worker laws and progressive policies in our State. Phil Murphy will be that Governor.